1. Tropically Hot
2. (I’m) Psychotic
3. Vinyl
4. Juice
5. House of Pleasure
6. Joyride (to the End of the World) (live)
7. (I’m) Psychotic (live)
8. It’s My Life (live)
9. Surprise, Surprise (live)
10. Vinyl (live)
11. Bye, Bye Johnny (live)
12. Psychotic (CD Bonus)
13. Tropically Hot (CD Bonus)

These vintage tracks were taken from vinyl records and lost tapes and digitally restored, and they are the best representation of Rick Wilder’s first band to date...
The First Ever Full Length Release By The Most
Notorious Hollywood Rock & Roll Band of the 1970’s!
The Berlin Brats at the KROQ Launch Party - photo by Jenny Lens jennylens.com